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Long term, thoughtful investing is our expertise

Investments are akin to planting a seed and watching it grow into a tree that bears fruit


Portfolio Management

JHP Securities’ Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is aimed at those desirous of systematic ownership of equity ― a vital component of any wealth portfolio.

Our Investment Philosophy

Robust Business

Investing in a stock is, in fact, investing in a business.

Robustness of the business (and not the stock), hence, becomes critical. We deploy copybook method of assessing and experiencing the business-surveying its customers, retaliers, distributors, etc.  Projecting the size and pace of its growth potential, interacting with its management and testing its business model against simulated operating environment of extreme stress gives us a fair idea on its investment worthiness 


Long-term Horizon

Value investing is as much about time as it is about money.

Just like a business needs time to deliver good returns, a reasonable amount of investors’ time also ought to be on the side of an invested business.  Trusting the efficacy of our pre-investment research and continual monitoring post investment, we stay tuned to the potential long term value accretion instead of being swayed away by momentary fluctuations in their quarterly or yearly performances.


Margin of Safety

Margin of safety remains the fulcrum of all our investment decisions.

Practicing a strict valuation discipline, we prefer to buy a stock when it is available below its fair value. We aim to ascertain the true worth of the business without being influenced by what its stock use to trade at in the past. Unexpected things may still cause a stock to remain below its fair value for long.  Precisely why we begin with a small position and steadily build it by adding stock on subsequent declines


If nothing attracts, hold cash

Our top priority is to avoid permanent loss of capital.

Although we always look for businesses that we can buy and forget, we proactively increase our margin of safety at times of elevated valuations or higher volatility.  If we don’t find any stock worth our buy, we don’t shy away from holding cash in those times


Volatility is an opportunity

Embracing volatility is the mark of a value investor.

From time to time, irrational behavior in the market causes stocks to trade below or above their fair value.  More often than not, such times are marked by high uncertainty and consequently high volatility. Unlike those who don’t know what a company is worth, we seize the opportunity of a business’s value and price difference.


Why You'll Love Being Our Client

Skin in the game

Our PMS manages a sizeable proprietary corpus of JHP promoters.

The team’s investment prescription for you often mirrors our own invested portfolio and investment strategy.  Team’s track record on proprietary corpus is discretionarily made available to serious prospects 


Customised Portfolio

We customise your portfolio in line with your investment objective and horizon.

Just because we made a good purchase a year ago does not mean it’s a good stock for you right now. Customisation is thus prompted which contemporaries your portfolio with the time of investing


Contrarian approach

The world of equity investing has many a success stories.

One common feature of all these successes is absolute neutralisation of sentiment, emotion and speculation.  Opposite of the herd is often the path to successful investment.  We do not hesitate to even take cash calls, i.e. holding on to cash in times of absurd valuations, awaiting patiently for corrections, so as not to risk capital 



We are very transparent in our transaction with clients.

Management fee, the only compensation that the client needs to pay us, is clearly defined.  Client login and real time portfolio watch gives you complete and absolute access at all times.



Trust is the fulcrum of our business foundation.

Boasting of client relations, many of whom continue to grow for well over three decades, and a large portion of new account acquisition coming from referrals, we value your trust more than the fee you pay to us.



To have access to higher echelons of insight and decision making cuts the chase at critical times.

Amidst the burgeoning crowd of technology-enabled large investment advisors, at JHP, we prefer to remain boutique with active participation and oversight of our top management to every client portfolio. To top it all, clients always find those at the helm of JHP highly accessible at all times.



Thanks to the co-founders being a part of our investment team, there is a consistency in our investment philosophy.


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